A Review Of scientology beliefs rules

The existing names and positions with the major gamers in his rotten video game of stealing money without providing the Tech.

Investigating whatever you need, whenever you want, with whom at any time you want about anything at all. That's freedom. When an individual informs you You can not have a look at something, simply cannot analysis something, can not Imagine about some thing and they phone it the ROAD TO Flexibility?????? I'm sorry Penny. That is the tyranny of considered masquerading given that the “highway out”

Sea Org members make 40 cents an hour or so, In line with Ortega, who claims, "I do not think you can find any way Tom Cruise is not aware of that." Based on the film, they have "tricked out his vehicles and bikes" and hanger in Santa Monica, California, and installed the audiovisual gear at his residence.

It is actually unachievable now to accumulate upper level products with the Church, since the Copenhagen affair in 1983. AO products are subjected to this kind of stability that very little has appear out of the church in that line for many years. As well as the Tale on this (pretend “OT8”) is “an individual slipped the OT8 HCOB under the cabin door of the individual executing the OT8 system over the ship”. This is often needless to say a most unusual method of enrolling folks onto State-of-the-art Programs, seemingly bypassing all normal routings and apprising them with the materials on the private class – at lifeless of night in his cabin and not even in the confidential study course space!

i don’t give credit score to any man, girl, or some classes for anything at all good in my life. i give God the praise and the glory. and when which makes some scientology beliefs xenu awkward, sorry, that's not my intention.

I skilled this in Vedic meditation previous to Scientology in addition to on account of Scientology auditing later. I'll say, however, that the velocity with which this working experience manifests as Scientologists go up the levels appears to change lots from just one particular person to a different, based on the prospective of the person.

I hope you may make an effort to Call me at 850 628 3828, I'm a single african American full time employed Father And that i am seeking some insight really in life that's way past the intellect established and or ignorance of the standard African American Church. I anticipate Talking with you.

Wow!! This was really educational. I have been thinking about how or if God matches into Scientology. I'm able to’t believe how easy it can be for them to simply dismiss the considered there being a God since they are simply informed to. Genuinely definitely unhappy that individuals scientology beliefs and rules have been so very easily sucked into your Scientology cult.

Why don't you not focus on the really vital things such as “The Homunculi’s” fraudulent levels, his stolen hidden resources?

Now I could Present you with Significantly with the symbolism and so on which works alongside with this but you discover it recorded. This, of course, guy responds to an exploding volcano [displays a DMSMH book front protect, which is an exploding volcano]. He responds to that. He understands that.

worship as they see healthy... in personal). I do not believe that scientology beliefs about homosexuality anyone could possibly be physically harmed by

When anyone enrolls, look at he or she has joined up for your duration of the universe—never ever allow an “open-minded” method. If they’re likely to quit let them quit fast.

Hayes’s affiliation with the Church isn’t really a solution, but we were being surprised when we found out. The late singer behind traditional tracks like “Shaft” and his rendition of “Wander On By” basically started studying Scientology in 2005.

I'm happy you prefer your route penny. These discussions are never ever about everyone’s correct to believe or follow anything. But just as you have a suitable to believe that this world is often a result of an electronic implant, we have a correct to problem that doctrine to be a delusional absurdity. And we also have a right to take into consideration these doctrines unsafe and should be exposed therefore.

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